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“My experiences have made me extremely passionate about advancing the notion that art can heal, and advocating dance as a tool to; steer social change, encourage community integration and cultural exchange, and remove barriers of participation in the arts… I feel a responsibility to offer dance as a form of dialogue and expression for those who need it.” – Ellen Hathaway, Artistic Director.

"...One of the best things about coming here was the Ellen Hathaway Dance Company. To dance is to express oneself and you need a comfortable environment, Ellen and Joseph created not only a comfortable but a safe and happy environment for me to do so and I can't thank them enough!"
Amanda Nwadukwe
Refugee Dance Workshop Participant


"Heart-warming relatable tales of lockdown"


Blue Lines 2020

“… I think it’s important to remember that these are real people and real stories and I think that their words absolutely need to be heard…Ellen’s work is really heart felt and honest and she’s delivering a very important message…It’s important to be having these conversations of forced displacement and to hear these stories and hear about the suffering people are enduring around the world…”

Stephanie Bentley