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Ellen Hathaway Dance Company is an emerging contemporary dance company based in the North East.

We work with refugee communities, local artists and international collaborators to produce dance projects and performances of high cultural significance.  We advance the notion that dance can heal and are committed to breaking down barriers in participation in the arts, advocating diversity and encouraging community integration.


Artistic Director Ellen Hathaway and Assistant Director Joseph Delaney share more about who we are, what we do and who we work with.

With huge thanks to Tiny Dances, read more about our collaboration with them.

We are currently delivering projects in the UK as well as undertaking international research.

“My experiences have made me extremely passionate about advancing the notion that art can heal, and advocating dance as a tool to; steer social change, encourage community integration and cultural exchange, and remove barriers of participation in the arts… I feel a responsibility to offer dance as a form of dialogue and expression for those who need it.” – Ellen Hathaway, Artistic Director.

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