Blue Lines

Blue Lines is our latest international Research & Development project and brand new Dance Film to be premiered in the North East.

Watch 'Arose', research for 'Blue Lines'.

Filmed and edited by James Froment at Moving Art Management’s FRESH North East Platform at Dance City Newcastle on 02/12/2019.

Music: Audio by Lucy Boulos, ‘Equation’ by Hans Zimmer (instrumental) & ‘Mawtini’ by Enji Maaroufi.

Dancers: Kathryn Marshall & Joseph Delaney

Hear what people have to say about 'Blue Lines'.

“… I think it’s important to remember that these are real people and real stories and I think that their words absolutely need to be heard…Ellen’s work is really heart felt and honest and she’s delivering a very important message…It’s important to be having these conversations of forced displacement and to hear these stories and hear about the suffering people are enduring around the world…”

Stephanie Bentley