To make sure our projects continue to meet the demands of our communities, we value our artists and project participants feedback. If you have feedback about your experience with us that you want to share, feel free to get in contact with us.


"...One of the best things about coming here was the Ellen Hathaway Dance Company. To dance is to express oneself and you need a comfortable environment, Ellen and Joseph created not only a comfortable but a safe and happy environment for me to do so and I can't thank them enough.!
Amanda Nwadukwe
Refugee Dance Workshop Participant
"I am really excited to be working with Ellen Hathaway Dance Company on PROJECT ODYSSEY: Lancaster 2020. I am most looking forward to sharing space and dancing with new artists and members of the refugee and North West community!"

Hannah Tongue
Outreach Team
"I am so excited to be working with Ellen Hathaway Dance Company together with the North West Refugee community for PROJECT ODYSSEY, and am looking forward to getting in the studio with everyone."

Rebecca callow
Outreach Team


“…this project has been adapted to include online activities which helps people keep moving from inside their homes and helps keep us moving and going forward.”

Rebecca Callow


“…this is something unlike I’ve ever done before, in terms of working with refugees and having the chance to work with so many different types of people is something that I’ll never get a chance to do again, I hope I do, but that for me is the most exciting thing…”

Jack Boswell

Blue Lines 2020

“… I think it’s important to remember that these are real people and real stories and I think that their words absolutely need to be heard…Ellen’s work is really heart felt and honest and shes delivering a very important message…It’s important to be having these conversations of forced displacement and to hear these stories and hear about the suffering people are enduring around the world…”

Stephanie Bentley