Most Free

‘Most Free’ is our exciting new feature length dance documentary that brings our communities together through dance.  

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This 45 minute dance documentary follows Artistic Director Ellen Hathaway on an investigation into dance & community. Explore how dance can bring people together with interviews from a resettled Syrian family living in Blackpool, Lancashire’s Refugee Integration Officer, UK & Lebanese dance artists & our diverse general public.

‘Most Free’ will be available to watch from Friday the 18th until Sunday 20th June for Refugee Week 2021.


“‘Most Free’ is a documentary with lots of narrative and emotional depth, reaching more than just a dance community, but also reaching immigration and refugee issues that our constant to today’s modern society.”


Marco Luca

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I hope to see Ellen’s film gain the recognition and popularity it deserves. Dance is such an inspiring art form for people from all walks of life. In the current world-wide climate, I think it’s important to remind people to continue doing what they love, despite life’s hardships. I believe the film displays the solidarity of the human race and how we all have such unique but related experiences. Ellen did an excellent job with this film, I can’t wait for people to see all her hard work, effort and creativity! It was truly an honour being a part of it.

Zeina Yaghi