Most Free

‘Most Free’ is our exciting new dance documentary that brings our communities together through dance. 

Premiering on the 2nd of April 2021


Tickets are pay-as-you-feel with a minimum donation of £1. Premiere viewing information including a password will be sent after ticket purchase & closer to premiere date.

“‘Most Free’ is a documentary with lots of narrative and emotional depth, reaching more than just a dance community, but also reaching immigration and refugee issues that our constant to today’s modern society.”


Maco Luca

'Most Free' Trailer 2021

Sneak Peak with the Artists of 'Most Free'

“The ability to bring people together through a tool such as kinaesthetic empathy is a true blessing. A tool that we all can tap into and use to understand each other & build that compassion our societies need to come together. It is a true joy to work with such an essential communication in the studios with artists as well as out in the community. It has shaped my previous research & now has been the very backbone of ‘Most Free’, let’s see where it can take me next!”

Ellen Hathaway

“It has been incredible watching Ellen put this together behind the scenes. Her sheer drive and determination has been inspirational. I have met some amazing people with incredible stories that just need to be heard. I cherish my new friendship with Mahmoud and Nareen with their three beautiful children. During filming I was treated to a Syrian meal; I have never felt more welcomed into a home and into a culture. I look forward to the day I get to dine with them again. Thank you, Ellen, for opening my eyes and more importantly my ears.”

Joseph Delaney